27 October 2019

Schools in the region at breaking point suffering from education cuts

Despite the Prime Minister’s recent boasts of “levelling up” school funding, it’s now clear that for most schools, the future looks bleak.  Louise Moores, an NEU workplace rep and primary school teacher in Middlesbrough, has spoken of her concern for her young pupils.

 “I teach in one of the most deprived areas of the country with the highest levels of English as an Additional Language pupils, mobility and SEND. Yet our vulnerable children have suffered the most from the cuts to school funding and austerity. So many Middlesbrough schools are trying to poverty proof as parents simply can’t afford to subsidise trips or buy equipment and uniform but to do this we’ve had to turn to charities and local organisations to apply for grants.”

Local MP Andy McDonald also shared his concerns with the Middlesbrough Gazette.  Mr McDonald said: "I know that teachers, assistants and support staff do a wonderful job, teaching our young children and inspiring them to learn and grow.  However, they are facing unprecedented financial cuts from this Conservative government, putting them under huge pressure. Almost a decade of chronic underfunding has left our schools at breaking point and teachers leaving the profession due to stress.”  Read the article in full here: https://tinyurl.com/educationcutsteeside

For more information on how school cuts effect your area go to https://schoolcuts.org.uk/

For information on the NEU school funding campaign go to the NEU website: https://neu.org.uk/campaigns/funding

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