06 November 2019

NEU Members Explore Engaging the Disengaged

On Saturday 2nd November, and despite the Rugby World Cup clashing with the event, NEU members enjoyed a session delivered by Author and self-proclaimed “learning geek” Lisa Ashes. Behaviour is a battle that most teachers face early in their career. Lisa talked through a wide range of behavior issues from outright defiance to apathy. The focus of the event was on creating a culture that encourages a thirst for learning in which good learning behaviours come as standard. The morning was practical, fun and full of useful tips and suggestions.

Some comments from participants about the training:

"Lisa was infectious, fun and full of ideas"
"Brilliant, fun and informative session. I would recommend to anyone!"
"Very informative, fun and enriching. I appreciated the chance to share ideas with colleagues and everyone was very nice and friendly. Thank you NEU”
“A very useful session, will definitely have a positive effect on my practice”
“Lovely engaging speaker, really informative without being information overload”

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