25 January 2020

Teacher Pay

January is always a hard month for money after the festive period.

Last September, we wrote to NEU teaching members in maintained schools across England to let them know that their school should have increased all pay scales by 2.75%, in line with increases in the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).  But have you ever wondered how does the process happen?

Well this is how teachers’ pay is decided -

We now know that 90% of all schools in England applied this increase, and you should have seen this reflected in your pay, backdated to 1 September 2019.

If you and other NEU members haven’t received the 2.75%, contact your rep/District and make sure you take the four easy steps below:
1. Get members together in your workplace. Unity is strength.
2. Visit our website and use our model PowerPoint for the meeting. https://neu.org.uk/campaigns/pay-campaign#how-can-you-protect-pay-at-your-workplace
3. Discuss the next steps to solve problems with your workplace pay policy.
4. When you get our latest communication on pay, please take part in our survey.

By taking these actions, you put the NEU front and centre, and build the union voice and presence in your school.

Something we need more than ever.

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