22 April 2020

Women of NEU: Trish is a Rep from Durham

Following our recent Women's Conference (before lockdown), we're featuring some of the participants. Today we start with Trish who is a NEU Rep from the Durham area.

I’m school rep and Teaching Assistant Level 3 enhanced at Bowburn Primary School and during this difficult time, I am at home with my 88 yr old mother who lives with my husband and me. She has Alzheimer’s and when school closed, I was told I would not be on a rota but to work from home and look after her.

Working from home as a TA is difficult but as admin to our school website, I have been adding home work for the teachers. I also organised several collage photos of the staff with messages for the children which I added to the School News section.

As Rep. I have been passing on information from our District team via the school WhatsApp group, regardless of which union they are in. NEU information and help has been amazing compared to other unions! I have taken part in several Zoom sessions and am starting the Health and Safety online sessions this week.
I do feel permanently guilty that my colleagues have been risking their health by looking after key worker children each day.

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