28 October 2019

Broad not Bored: Creative Curriculums in Carlisle

On Saturday 16th October a group of enthusiastic new teachers came along to a workshop on delivering the national curriculum creatively. The session began with a huge question: What sort of skills or knowledge should education develop? Once we had a "wish" list of skills and knowledge the group focused on ways in which we can deliver this for our pupils. Suggestions were wide-ranging and went well beyond what can be "tested" including key life skills, emotional development, resilience and even an understanding of how to manage your personal finances.

Approaches that were explored included Mantle of the Expert, Inquiry-based curriculum, Cross Curricular through a topic e.g. Expeditions and a Collaborative curriculum. All of the approaches were scrutinised as there were pros and cons for each of them.

The session came to an end with a broad discussion about how we can bring all of this together to come up with practical things that we can do in our own classroom to broaden the curriculum and how we can make inroads in instilling change on a whole-school level.

Some comments from participants about the training:

"Very informative and thought provoking"
"Lots of practical ideas which can be applied in classrooms"
"I have left with a lot to think about and lots of ideas for moving forward"
"This session has opened up my imagination!"

What do you think? How can we create a broad and engaging curriculum? If you're already doing things share what you're doing in the comments section.

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