04 December 2019

29th November Climate Strike Event.

Several hundred people gathered at the Civic Centre, in Newcastle, on Friday 29th November to campaign in support of climate action. The event saw numerous speakers get up and speak on the matter, with a mixture of students, unions and politicians all taking part. 

With UCU members in higher education out on strike that day, there was a strong sense of solidarity amongst the crowd and speakers towards the union and its members, with various people wishing them well.

All speakers urged people to think long and hard about the upcoming general election, with a call to participants to get involved in the political process and vote to protect the planet as well as for a party that will safeguard the most vulnerable people in our society.

There were speakers from Unison, the RMT and UCU as well as people linked with the ongoing climate rebellion movement. Jamie Driscoll, mayor of North Tyneside, also spoke. Jamie’s speech was particularly stirring and he struck a very positive tone, calling for partnership with the NEU to help deliver the change that teachers deserve. 

NEU's Educate magazine Nov/Dec is a special edition on Climate Change. If you've not had a chance to read your copy then you can read it online here: Educate Nov/Dec 2019

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