11 November 2019

NEU Councillors Network – shaping the future of education

Saturday 2nd November saw the first national NEU Councillors Network conference, bringing together cross party councillors from local authorities around the country. 

We had a fantastic and informative day sharing NEU campaigns and policy on a wide number of issues.    Local councillors are the people who are implementing and managing nationally set budgets, initiatives and policies for schools.  The conference was a fantastic opportunity to discuss, inform and empower councillors around a wide range of important issues such as academisation, funding and sex and relationship education. Councillors were provided with ideas, strategies and practical resources such as motions to take back to their authorities to campaign for positive change for pupils and educators learning and working in an increasingly difficult education system.  Councillors left the day both better informed and inspired to help shape the future of education.

Louise Atkinson

Carlisle City Councillor and NEU National Executive Member for the Northern Region

The NEU Councillors Network is a partnership between local councillors of all parties and the National Education Union, to shape the future of education.  The network is open to all councillors. Being a member of the network will give you access to written briefings, regular information about education issues, and access to our events for councillors.  Visit NEU Councillors Network to find out more or become involved. 

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