18 November 2019

NEU member Jules reports on GAIN weekend

NEU member Jules Courtney-Walker reports on being one of the participants at our recent GAIN weekend (Getting Active In NEU activist development programme)…

On Saturday 9th of November, a group of union members gathered to find out more about how to get active in the union.
Throughout the day, the NEU members focused on creating campaign projects to roll out across the union.
The main issues addressed included; the funding crisis, invisible disabilities and workload issues. All current problems that schools and education staff are facing.
There were three successful projects set up to be run within the next year and we are excited to see them come to fruition.

Some of the comments from the day:

“ A spontaneous idea grew legs and ran”
“ the ideas, passion & enthusiasm for our union that is coming from the GAIN group is refreshing and inspiring.”
“Empowering again, feeling supported by others sharing experiences and planning  for empowering children & staff with invisible disabilities”
“I feel more confident now, and more motivated to be more active”

If you are looking to get more active in the union, please get in touch with Vin Wynne (vin.wynne@neu.org.uk) and you could come along to GAIN and find out how we can support you to make a change!

Participants from our GAIN weekend showing their solidarity for the McStrikers

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